14 Fathoms Deep
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28 January 1997


1996 at The Pharmacy, Audio Genesis, Phunk Lab Studios, The Lions Den, Stepping Stone and Let's Do This (Seattle, Washington)


Hip hop






22nd Precinct, DJ Ace, M. Hall, J. Lyons, King Otto, Mr. Supreme, Negus 1, Silver Shadow "D", Topspin, Vitamin D

14 Fathoms Deep is a compilation album featuring several Seattle-based hip hop artists, released in 1997 on Loosegroove Records. The album primarily features artists associated with the Tribal Music Inc. label, such as Ghetto Chilldren, Narcotik and Sinsemilla. It received limited pressing when it was initially released, and is currently available as a free download on the Tribal Bandcamp page.[1]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Drastic Measures" Sinsemilla Gayle, Kalonji Topspin 3:03
2. "Great Outdoors" 22nd Precinct Posey, Spears 22nd Precinct 3:29
3. "Official Members" Mad Fanatic, RagChyld Clavesilla, Jacobs, Jacobs Mr. Supreme 4:36
4. "Keep da Change" DMS Dawn, Seals Silver Shadow "D" 4:44
5. "Cornbread" Source of Labor Moore, Tookas, Williams Negus 1 4:14
6. "Court's in Session" Ghetto Chilldren Brown, Owens, Rider Vitamin D 4:42
7. "All Up in My Mix" Narcotik, Infinite Gambol, Onen, Randall Vitamin D 6:28
8. "Ghetto Star" Jace, Dionna Farr Mr. Supreme 3:37
9. "Can" Kylin Melton, Tookas, White Negus 1 3:50
10. "Higher Places" Prose and Concepts Carter, Grady, Taylor DJ Ace 4:27
11. "Insomniack MuseIck" NS of The O.N.E. Corporation Lyons J. Lyons 4:20
12. "Interrogation" Blind Council Washington King Otto 2:51
13. "Continuations" Union of Opposites, Sho Nuff Brown, Browne, Navarro, Shanks Vitamin D 3:56
14. "A New Day" The Crew Clockwise Edgecombe, Hall M. Hall 8:54

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