..Cuz a D.U. Party Don't Stop!
Cuz a D.U. Party Don't Stop!
Studio album by Digital Underground


May 20, 2008




Hip hop






Binc, Butler Flowers, D-Rugs, Dialect, Dirty Knocc, DJ Nu-Stylez, Hervé Duchemin, E7L, Fifth Element, J-Broadway, Shock G, Supa Dave West, Scott Thomas (exec.), Touré

Digital Underground chronology


Who Got the Gravy? (1998)


The Greenlight EP (2010)

..Cuz a D.U. Party Don't Stop! (stylised as "..Cuz a D.U. Party Don't Stop!") is the fifth and final studio album by American hip hop group Digital Underground, released in 2008 on Jake Records. Released ten years after their previous album Who Got the Gravy?, it is the group's only studio album that failed to reach any Billboard charts. Some tracks feature a heavy electronic influence that stands in stark contrast to the West Coast funk style that the group is known for.

Almost half of the album (tracks 7, 9-12, 17, and 18) are songs recorded live, while the rest of the album is original and previously unreleased material.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Eat Boiled Peanutz" Buttafly, E7L Butler Flowers 1:29
2. "Who's Bumpin'" Humpty Hump, Liz Suwandi, Shock G, Hervé Duchemin Hervé Duchemin 5:26
3. "Cali Boogie" Money-B, Shock G J-Broadway 3:15
4. "Lettuce in the Club" Binc, E7L, Money-B Binc 3:22
5. "More Manure" CTDC, D-Rugs, J Kron, Liz Suwandi, Mookie, Shock G D-Rugs 3:48
6. "Blue Skyy" Fifth Element, Humpty Hump, Money-B Fifth Element 4:52
7. "Hoo's Hoo" Bill Thompson, Fifth Element, Luniz E7L 1:36
8. "Meeheadsoon" Dialect, Esinchill, Fifth Element, Liz Suwandi, Money-B Dialect 3:22
9. "Soundcheckin'" Bill Thompson, Ted Casey Shock G 1:12
10. "Step Up" 2Fly-Eli, Liz Suwandi, Money-B, Shock G Shock G 3:47
11. "Thuglife Party" 2Fly-Eli, DJ Nu-Stylez, Money-B, Shock G Shock G 1:52
12. "Family Freestyles" Ant D.O.G., Candyman 187, Esinchill, Kev Kelly, Mac Mall, Money-B, Ray Luv Shock G 5:20
13. "Channel Surfin'" Bill Thomspon, Chris Harding, Dialect, E7L, Humpty Hump, JT the Bigga Figga, Quota-Raw Straw, Ray Luv, Ted Casey Shock G 1:17
14. "All About You" Liz Suwandi, Shock G Supa Dave West 2:44
15. "Children of the Sun" Anthony "Skatz" Parker, E7L, Gruve-E, Humpty Hump, Kim "Mikelle" Morgan, Numskull, Money-B E7L 3:50
16. "Four One Four" - Dirty Knocc, DJ Nu-Stylez 4:13
17. "Everything Ya Done 4 Me" Choice Cutz, Digital Underground, King Beef, Lil Dude, Omar Touré 3:39
18. "Sex Packets Unplugged" Esinchill, Liz Suwandi, Shock G Shock G 4:04


  • Tracks 9-12 and 17 recorded live at The DNA Lounge (San Fransisco, CA), 2005.
  • Tracks 7 and 18 recorded live at The Usual (San Jose, CA), 2002.
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